About CLiC

CLiC is conceived as a learning community to raise the profile of CLL-related research being done in Canada, and to foster open scientific discussions through online forums, webinars and micro-learning modules. The intent is for members with an interest in CLL research to sustain an ongoing connection and, anchored in scientific discovery and expert insight, share clinical findings and professional perspectives to advance understanding in this field. It is our hope that enhanced communication and collaboration through this virtual community of experts will yield peer-to-peer discussions that will advance the highest level of care for CLL patients in Canada.

LegitiMed will be managing this community residing on Sosido (www.sosido.com). Learning will be structured and unstructured with specific objectives related to current & imminent topics in this field.

If you are interested in participating in CLiC, please contact paul.abbass@legitimed.com

We thank AbbVie Canada for their financial support of this initiative.