CLiC Webinar Thurs, Nov 22, 2018 at 8:00 pm EST: Join CLiC leaders to review key questions in CLL

Please join CLiC scientific committee leaders Dr. Carolyn Owen, Dr. Versha Banerji and Dr. Laurie Sehn for a webinar Thursday, Nov 22, 8:00 pm EST to review the recent online discussion in the CLiC community around the following questions:


CLiC Question #4: How do you transition patients from a BCRi agent to venetoclax? (2 replies to date)

CLiC Question #5: How often should you dose reduce ibrutinib for toxicity? Do you think that lower doses are better tolerated or that dose reductions are unwise? (1 reply to date)

CLiC Question #6: Which patients are appropriate for first-line ibrutinib? (no replies to date)

Webinar connection details are included in the calendar invite emailed to you on Oct 31. If you have any questions about the webinar or how to connect, please contact
Prior to the webinar, you are invited to visit the CLiC community on Sosido to review the questions & responses and to reply with your personal clinical perspectives.